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Effects of Technology on Health

Technology has improved quite rapidly over the past few years. This has positively affected all sectors, including the health sector. Both the health practitioners and the patients benefit from the improvements brought about by technology. The practitioners can offer more effective service while the patients enjoy better and cheaper services. A few of the effects of technology on health are highlighted below.

Medical Equipment

Thanks to technology, nearly all pieces of medical equipment are now more advanced than ever. The scanning machines such as MRI machines are a great example. They can be used to get more precise images of the anatomy of patients to help with the diagnosis of the medical issues that they may have. This minimizes the need for invasive methods for diagnostic purposes. The tools used to perform surgery are also quite advanced and more efficient. With such, success rates for operations have significantly increased.


Accidents and other forms of trauma have left many people without limbs or various body parts. Thanks to technology, some prosthetics can be used to ensure such patients regain full functionality of the lost limbs. For some cases, there are computerized prosthetics which can be controlled by artificial intelligence, voice, or minimal muscle movements.


Improved technology has enabled better research that has, in turn, led to better drugs being produced to combat diseases and illnesses. More medicines are also being produced within a shorter time, thanks to better manufacturing technology. The manufacturing technology also allows the medication to be made in different forms such that administration can be done in the most suitable and effective ways. Examples of the various forms include nasal sprays, topical, and oral medication, among others.


Currently, you can receive various medical services online. For example, you can have real-time communication with a doctor via the Internet and get medical advice or whatever other assistance you may require. Emergency cases and checkup follow-ups are some of the situations in which e-services are most commonly used. Some of the benefits of e-services include convenience and reduced costs. It also allows specialists to tend to patients without any geographical barrier.

Information Accessibility

Getting medical information is now quite easy. There are various databases availed to the public via the Internet, such as that of the World Health Organization. You can find out about new developments in the medical world almost as soon as they occur thanks to the information relaying systems that have come up.…

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