File Hosting

Choosing the Right File Hosting Package

March 13, 2021

We are in the information age and it is important to stay attuned with the latest technologies to be efficient, secure, and competitive. This is the reason modern company nowadays are going for file hosting services. File hosting is much needed to keep your company going smoothly. When you want to access files whenever you need them, it would only take you seconds to a few minutes. This is possible because your files are stored safely on remote servers.

Besides efficiency and security, a reliable file hosting service can reduce cost and improve organization in your company. Finding the right file hoster can be confusing though. There can be many of them near you. To choose the best one for you, you can start by checking their subscription packages. File hosters have various packages for clients to choose. For example, Keep2share, a file hosting provider, has a Keep2Share Premium Account in which you can select from four packages. This is good for clients because they can subscribe to a package that suit their needs.

When choosing the subscription packages, you should always take note of the following before making your final decision.

Download Volume Per Day

Be sure of how much you download regularly per day. If upon your observation, you are only using 20 GB, why do you still subscribe for one that allows up to 50 GB for downloads? Just do not go beyond the 20 GB because that’s the time that you will have to pay for extra costs.

Storage Size and Maximum File Size

If you are only in your early years of your business and you don’t have much files to store yet or you think there will not be much increase sooner, choosing a package that have less storage size may not hurt. You will be saving on cost. Maximum file size is also as important, but if you think there is no need to go for higher GBs, be practical and settle for something that meets your needs.

Parallel Downloads

For companies, this cannot be done away with. Parallel downloading allows multiple downloads across multiple domains that are hosted by the same host. This will reduce download time when downloading many files.


FTP or file transfer protocol and HTTP or hypertext transfer protocol are methods of downloading and uploading files from the internet. FTP can be much better when dealing with large files. On the other hand, HTTP is more efficient with smaller files. A package with both methods will surely be more beneficial.

Download Accelerator

A download accelerator increases speed by creating several connections of different file segments. It also can download a file from various sites simultaneously.

Of course, price will always play an important role. But the rule of thumb is, do not go for pricier file hosting packages not unless you need all what are included in it. Bear in mind that you can always scale up your subscription when you need to.